The Two Mädels

Mädels is the German word for girls.

The Mädels with a Microphone is a podcasting series from local journalists Jennifer Collins and Tam Eastley. Together, they strive to create informative and quirky long and short podcasts about the hidden side of Berlin. The podcasts are entirely self-produced using Audacity free software and trusty little zoom H2 recorders.

Suckers for community and sharing, Jen and Tam use Creative Commons music from SoundCloud and make all of their podcasts free to use and share. Additionally, they translate their own interviews, and are entirely self taught.

To date they have reached almost 10,000 followers on SoundCloud and were awarded the coveted title of SoundClouder of the Day in June of 2012.

Jennifer is a freelance journalist from Dublin, the dirty ol town where she also completed her Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism and German. Before moving to this fair city over four years ago, she worked as a reporter and arts and culture editor at Village Magazine, an Irish current affairs monthly. Since moving here, Jennifer has completed an M.A. in Political Science (specialising in International Relations and European Integration). She now works as a freelance reporter with Associated Reporters Abroad (ARA), a global network of journalists dedicated to enhancing foreign news coverage. You’ll also find some of her work on NPR Berlin, tech news website,, Deutsche Welle, USA Today and The Washington Times. Some of her interests include new media developments, politics, security policy, architecture and urban development, novels by Philip K. Dick, films based on novels by Philip K. Dick, Cadbury’s Golden Crisp and tea.

Tam is from Calgary, Alberta, Canada. After finishing a Bachelor’s Degree in Cultural Anthropology at the University of Calgary, she decided to see the world, and embarked upon a nine month trip around Europe and South-East Asia. She moved to Berlin over four years ago and completed a Master’s Degree at the Freie Universität in English Literature and Cultural Studies. She recently cured a bout of wanderlust with a trip on the Trans-Siberian Railway. She is currently a freelance travel writer whose work has appeared on NPR BerlinSlow Travel Berlin and Deutsche Welle. In addition to her journalistic endeavors, she is working on a book of short stories about traveling the world by train. Click here to read articles Tam has written about Berlin, and here to connect on Linkedin.

Our Logo: our fantastic microphone logo was made by Nerys Hudson. You can find her at Dialogue Books in Berlin!