Berlin’s Winter Sounds

Winter is here, and although the snow hasn’t fallen yet, it doesn’t mean that wintery and festive sounds aren’t all around us. Berlin is a veritable treasure trove when it comes to winter… Continue reading

Mini Mädel: Refugee Camp Berlin

Mini Mädel: Refugee Camp Berlin Mini podcast summary: If you’ve taken a stroll down Unter den Linden towards the Brandenburg Gate lately, you may have noticed a large group of protesters, and an… Continue reading

It’s the mädels’ first birthday!

Well it’s been a crazy year people! We started off as just two girls with a dream of documenting the hidden and quirky stories of Berlin. Now, a year later, with the help… Continue reading

Berlin’s Autumnal Sounds

überlin runs a great SoundCloud group called Berlin Sound where anyone can post their sounds of Berlin. You’ll find all sorts of fantastic audio there, ranging from the ubiquitous buskers of Berlin to the noise of the… Continue reading

Mini Mädel: Spreepark

Mini Mädel: Spreepark Mini Podcast Summary: Spreepark is the place to go in Berlin for urban explorers. Once a popular GDR amusement park, then a privatized post-GDR fledgling amusement park and now an abandoned and creepy… Continue reading

Mini Mädel: Decadence and Doom in Weimar Berlin

Mini Mädel: Decadence and Doom in Weimar Berlin Mini Podcast Summary: Against a backdrop of political unrest, hyperinflation, and extreme poverty; artists, writers, scientists and intellectuals flocked to Berlin to take in its… Continue reading

Mini Mädel: Slowlympics

Mini Mädel: Slowlympics Mini Podcast Summary: While team Great Britain was winning Olympic gold at the London Olympics, Berlin was hosting its own athletic event, the Slowlympics. 18 teams battled it out against… Continue reading

Mini Mädel: Club Mate

Mini Mädel: Club Mate Mini Podcast Summary: Club Mate is probably Berlin’s most famous soft drink. Its distinctive taste and extremely high caffeine content makes it the drink of choice for everyone from… Continue reading

Introducing: Kiez Exploration

We’ve decided to do something a little bit new and exciting here at the Mädels with a Microphone. Each week (or so…) we’ll be exploring a different kiez (neighbourhood) of Berlin in an… Continue reading

Some new favourite podcasts

A few months ago, we published a list of our favourite podcasts. We still love all of these and listen to them frequently, but lately we’ve discovered some more and have become ridiculously… Continue reading