Mini Mädel: Treats for Romy

MilkaMini Mädel: Treats for Romy

Mini Podcast Summary:

IMG_0171We all have fond memories of the food we loved to eat as a child whether it was a speciality cooked often by your grandmother, a rare treat or in Romy Klecker’s case, anything sweet.

Romy was born in the small town of Görlitz on the Polish-German border eight years before the fall of the Berlin Wall. Sweet treats, such as chocolate were a rarity, but Romy’s experiences with food from the West before and after the fall of the wall, left her with a life-long sweet tooth, as the Mädels discovered.

This podcast was initially made for the Third Coast Audio Festival ShortDocs Challenge, sponsored this year by the James Beard Foundation — an organisation that celebrates, nurtures, and preserves diverse culinary heritages through awards, education, and outreach. The theme of the competition was appetite.


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