Some more favourite podcasts

BuddahThe time has come to do another round-up of some podcasts that we’ve stumbled upon along the way and have totally fallen in love with. This, ladies and gentlemen, is a good one. Prepare to be blown away.

  1. How Did This Get Made?: This podcast is hilarious. Each week another movie is dissected and ripped apart, begging the age-old question we’ve all muttered at some point, “how did this get made?” Numerous plot holes, bloopers, blatant casting problems and wandering accents are examined in detail. Sometimes filmed in front of a live audience, sometimes in a studio with a guest director (such as the wonderful Kevin Smith), this podcast is sure to leave you laughing all day long and also with an overwhelming desire to watch horrible movies. The 5 star reviews from Amazon segment is particularly entertaining. Some favourite episodes include “Anaconda,” “Batman and Robin,” and “Wild Wild West.”
  2. Here’s The Thing: This podcast is hosted by Alec Baldwin, who, it comes as no surprise, has an AMAZING voice for radio. His intro “I’m Alec Baldwin, and here’s the thing…” is spine-tingling. He interviews a wealth of well-known people in the film, comedy, music, and journalism industry, which is no doubt an interesting experience for the interviewee given how famous Baldwin is. A favourite episode includes Baldwin interviewing Lena Dunham from Girls, and essentially gushing over how great she is and begging over and over again to be cast in her show or in an upcoming film. It’s a pleasure listen, and Baldwin has a knack for humanizing both himself and those he interviews and for opening up the elusive world of the Hollywood elite for us lowly podcast listeners.
  3. Love + Radio: Love and Radio is what NPR would be like if it was more racy and had more swearing in it. Nick van der Kolk interviews interesting people with bizarre stories to tell, and throws in some spectacular audio production to boot. Listening to Love and Radio is like listening to a song, with each line lovingly crafted to reveal the best each subject has to offer. Favourite episodes include Ghost Stories – the story about the creaking door that says “help me” over and over again is absolutely terrifying and should not be listened to alone, and Split Brain featuring Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor talking about her life-changing stroke.
  4. X Minus One – OMG THIS PODCAST IS AMAZING. It’s a bunch of radio plays from the 1950s as played on the old-school NBC radio station. The stories originally aired in the science fiction magazines Astounding and Galaxy and some of them were even written by well known writers such as Issac Asimov and Ray Bradbury. They’re all so cheesy and dated with bizarre sound effects like whirring fans of spaceships, and the zapping of lasers  There’s often a housewife who is bored with her stay-at-home suburban life while her husband jets off to the moon or Mars, there’s robots that make work around the house easier, and there’s twilight zone-style happenings that defy explanation. IT’S SO GOOD. Favourite episodes include “The Sense of Wonder” where a generation of earth exiles live out their entires live on a space ship, never questioning why or how, and one man starts to have feelings and to question why no one goes through the forbidden door. Another is “Hello Tomorrow” where people live under the ground due to extreme amounts of radiation from a previous war and couples are paired up to have children according to DNA and “mutants” are shut away for examination in cages. You can tell that the major obession of the time was the threat of nuclear  annihilation and those “damn commies. Again… we repeat… IT’S SO GOOD.