Dutch Berlin for Berlin Stories for NPR

Tim De Witt, Janine de Haan, Edial Dekker, Mathieu Sneep

  Tim De Witt, Janine de Haan, Edial Dekker, Mathieu Sneep 


Podcast Summary:

We are excited to announce our first podcast made in collaboration with Berlin Stories for NPR. Thanks so much to Berlin Stories founders, Anna Winger and Gisela Williams.

In this podcast, we checked out the Dutch expat scene in Berlin. We wanted to know why they came to Berlin, because, let’s be honest, there are some pretty cool cities in the Netherlands! We discovered that they came for many of the same reasons we did: affordable rents, the intriguing history, the promise of jobs, and of course, that certain Berlin vibe.

We talked to Tim De Witt a freelance radio journalist, Janine de Haan a nurse in a senior’s home, Edial Dekker the founder of online start-up Gidsy,  and Mathieu Sneep head of EMEA Sales at SponsorPay.

They talked to us about why they live in Berlin, how it differs from back home, and a little bit about bikes and cheese…