Mini Mädel: Refugee Camp Berlin

protestMini Mädel: Refugee Camp Berlin

Mini podcast summary:

If you’ve taken a stroll down Unter den Linden towards the Brandenburg Gate lately, you may have noticed a large group of protesters, and an even larger group of police on Pariser Platz.

Many of the protesters are asylum seekers who marched 600 km from Würzburg to fight for their dignity, better living conditions, and faster processing of  their asylum applications. Currently, most of them are  just waiting to hear back from the authorities about their asylum claims, a process that can leave many in an uncomfortable state of limbo for years. Some of the protesters are on hunger strike and have been braving winter temperatures and rain to have their voices heard by politicians in the nearby German parliament. The police have removed sleeping bags, blankets and a first aid tent, saying that the protesters have a permit to demonstrate but not to camp.

The Mädels headed down to Pariser Platz to see what was going on and talk to those involved.

To see photos of the refugee camp, check out our facebook album here.