It’s the mädels’ first birthday!

Well it’s been a crazy year people!

We started off as just two girls with a dream of documenting the hidden and quirky stories of Berlin. Now, a year later, with the help of our trusty zoom microphones, SoundCloud, and some free software (thanks Audacity!), we’ve become SoundClouders of the day, received over 10,000 followers on SoundCloud, produced 13 podcasts, and met and spoke to loads of great and interesting people along the way. Some of the people we chatted to were Natalie and Andy about love, John about repairing Berlin and Brandenburg’s dilapidated church organs, Brendan about Christpher Isherwood and Weimar Berlin, and Günter about the importance of anti-Nazi protests.

We can’t help notice that it’s also Berlin’s birthday today, its 775th birthday to be exact. Coincidence? We think not. Some things are just meant to be.

To celebrate our first birthday, the wonderful and multitalented Nerys Hudson from Dialogue Books (Berlin’s only English boutique bookstore) has designed a wonderful logo for us! Thanks Nerys!

We have all kinds of exciting new plans for the future. Expect more podcasts, more explorations of this fantastic city, more sounds, a re-vamped website, and some great collaborations.

Thanks a million to everyone who’s supported us, listened to our podcasts, and encouraged us along the way. Without you, we’d just be two crazy ladies in a room in Neukölln talking to ourselves.

Special thanks to the halloumi place down the street and Club Mate for fuelling our podcast sessions. Thanks as well to Ben and Natalie from SoundCloud, and of course…. Marco.