Berlin’s Autumnal Sounds

überlin runs a great SoundCloud group called Berlin Sound where anyone can post their sounds of Berlin. You’ll find all sorts of fantastic audio there, ranging from the ubiquitous buskers of Berlin to the noise of the ubahn. The Mädels are now giving überlin a hand with moderating the group because it’s proven so popular and, as a result, a lot of work for just two people. We’re super stoked about it and thought it would be cool to get people to submit “themed” sounds to the group.

It’s autumn now and the leaves are falling from the trees, the weather’s getting colder and the evenings shorter. We’re also fast approaching Hallowe’en (which isn’t really a thing here in Germany, but we’re still flying the flag). So, we’re putting out a call for people to post their Berlin autumn sounds to the group — the noise of leaves crunching under foot, migrating birds, spooky wind blowing through abandoned tunnels, that kind of thing. Looking forward to hearing your sounds!

(Photo courtesy of Nino Kipp. Twitter: @Username_exists)