Mini Mädel: Spreepark

Mini Mädel: Spreepark

Mini Podcast Summary:

Spreepark is the place to go in Berlin for urban explorers. Once a popular GDR amusement park, then a privatized post-GDR fledgling amusement park and now an abandoned and creepy amusement park covered in overgrown foliage and trees, it’s the perfect place to explore. Located in Plänterwald just beside Treptower Park, toppled dinosaurs, a 45-metre high ferris wheel that blows eerily in the wind, and ghostly abandoned fun park villages greet those who dare to hop over the fence.

However, for two weeks in July, Spreepark opened its doors to the public with a small festival. Rides, games, and ice-cream stands spotted the grounds inside the splintered fence, and the park’s old Santa Fe Express train took visitors on a tour of the former funfair, giving them a chance to check out the abandoned and crumbling amusements.

As it turns out, the story behind the park, its collapse into bankruptcy, and the destruction of the family who owned it, is much sadder than the remnants of this once beloved place.

Check out our facebook album for pics of the park or our youtube video for a small clip of the Santa Fe Express.