Mini Mädel: Decadence and Doom in Weimar Berlin

Mini Mädel: Decadence and Doom in Weimar Berlin

Mini Podcast Summary:

Against a backdrop of political unrest, hyperinflation, and extreme poverty; artists, writers, scientists and intellectuals flocked to Berlin to take in its decadent nightlife. The cabaret bar was where it all took place, and English novelist Christopher Isherwood was the perfect observer. The mädels went on a walking tour around Nollendorfplatz with Cabaret Berlin’s Brendan Nash and learned all about Isherwood’s neighbourhood and the roaring twenties in Berlin.

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  • Cabaret Berlin by Brendan Nash. His website is a wealth of information about the Weimar era and its entertainers. He also posts information about his upcoming tours on the site, so keep your eyes peeled and check one out! They’re lots of fun and come highly recommended. (follow Brendan on twitter here)

Music (all music for this episode is available on

  • Mackie Messer – Lotte Lenya
  • Ich bin die fesche Lola – Marlene Dietrich
  • Wat braucht der Berliner um glücklich zu sein? – Claire Waldoff
  • Ich hab noch einen Koffer in Berlin – Marlene Dietrich


  • Christopher and his Kind – Christopher Isherwood
  • Goodbye to Berlin – Christopher Isherwood
  • Mr. Norris Changes Trains – Christopher Isherwood