Some new favourite podcasts

A few months ago, we published a list of our favourite podcasts. We still love all of these and listen to them frequently, but lately we’ve discovered some more and have become ridiculously addicted to them! Here’s a little list for your listening pleasure.

  1. Third Coast International Audio Festival: This podcast collects sounds, docs, stories and reports from all over the world and plays them in their (usually) one hour show, which, similar to TAL is based around a theme. A particular favourite is The Russia Show: one of the stories was of a woman who used a HAM radio in the early 90s to connect with Russian cosmonauts  on the Russian space station. It’s an incredible, and true, story. Another favourite is The Centenarians Show, about a journalist who travels around interviewing people who have reached 100 years old. It’s truly beautiful.
  2. Star Talk with Neil deGrasse Tyson: Anyone who’s ever watched The Daily Show is sure to be a huge fan of Neil deGrasse Tyson. And, turns out, he has his own radio show too. The shows are a great mix of humour, science, famous people (like Whoopi Goldberg), and interesting topics; everything from politics to Star Trek to neuroscience. Tyson has an amazing way of making science quite possibly the coolest thing in the world (and… of course… out in the cosmos).
  3. The Truth: The Truth’s slogan is “movies for your ears” and nothing could describe this podcast better. They’re a series of approximately 10 minute radio plays, but not the super ridiculous (but in their own way cool) ones from the 50s. The podcasts are an innovative and exciting way to look at the possibilities of modern radio. One of our favourites is In Good Hands (part 1), a creepy story about two friends who go on an urban exploration adventure in an abandoned subway line. About halfway through the story got too scary and we had to pause and take a breath — that’s how good it is.
  4. The Field Trip Podcast: A cool podcast about how things work, how they’re made, and the people behind them. The one about coffee is especially great — best appreciated with a steaming cup o’ joe.