Mini Mädel: Troll 2

A couple of weeks ago, the Mädels went to see “Troll 2” (1990) and the accompanying documentary about the film called “Best Worst Movie” (2009) organized by Thom Cummings through activities booker Gidsy.

4.5 Mini Mädel: Troll 2

Mini Podcast Summary

Troll 2 is a very special movie. It’s kind of difficult to describe to someone who hasn’t seen it, but basically, it’s about a family who vacations in a town called Nilbog. The town is inhabited by vegetarian goblins (not trolls, which is one of the very weird things about the film), who want to turn the family into plants so that they can eat them. The goblins are seemingly lead by a witch who is a descendant of the druids of stonehenge. The goblins look like normal people at first, and only sometimes reveal their true, hilariously bad, form.

Joshua, the son and youngest child in the family, is visited by his recently deceased Grandfather who warns him about the goblins and helps him try to defeat them.

The movie is awful, but in a really great and sincere way. It’s clear that the director and the actors wanted to make, and believed they were making, a really great movie. That’s what’s so endearing about it and why it’s gained such a huge cult following.

There are public screenings of the movie all over the US and around the world, as the documentary shows. Fans dress up as their favourite characters and wear homemade t-shirts. The documentary beautifully portrays the people behind the characters, their hopes, dreams, and where they are now. It was made by Michael Stephenson who played Joshua in the film, and revolves mostly around George Hardy who played the father in the film, and who is a small town dentist with a larger -than-life character and heart. Hardy spends most of the film traveling to Troll 2 events with other cast members, reenacting scenes, and loving every second of it. He seems equal parts baffled and amused by the cult following.

Claudio Fragasso, the hot-tempered Italian director of Troll 2, on the other hand, really believes Troll 2 is a great film. The documentary shows him getting upset when people laugh in the wrong places (which is pretty much everywhere).

Apart from trying to find out about the actors who are behind the film, “Best Worst Movie” also tries to discover why people love it so much. We agree with the documentary in that the sincerity behind the film is what makes it loveable, but it’s also, absolutely ridiculous.

Special thanks to Marco Hamersma who has now appeared in his third mini mädel! Congrats Marco!