The Mädels on itunes!

Guess what everyone!? Our podcasts are now available on itunes! Just type “maedels with a microphone” in the search bar on the itunes store, and there we’ll be! (no umlaut – it’s confusing I know, but German wouldn’t be German if it wasn’t). We’re incredibly excited about this, because it provides all you wonderful listeners of ours with a new way to listen to us and to bring us along with you on your ipods/ipads/android phones, whatever it is you have.

If you decide to subscribe to our podcasts via itunes, please please write us a review and rate us! Apparently this is the best way to improve traffic to our podcasts and our site, and also apparently to become a featured podcast (which we’d love). And of course, we want to share our podcasts with more people!

Thanks so much everyone, and enjoy!