The mädels are taking a break until July or so because of other work commitments, travel plans, friends visiting and whatnot. But don’t be too sad, because we’ll be back soon with all… Continue reading

How to make an (expat) podcast

Back in 2011, we were talking about our love of podcasts. “Have you heard this American Life? Or Radio Lab?” we asked each other excitedly. We couldn’t get enough, and lamented that we… Continue reading

Mini Mädel: Treats for Romy

Mini Mädel: Treats for Romy Mini Podcast Summary: We all have fond memories of the food we loved to eat as a child whether it was a speciality cooked often by your grandmother,… Continue reading

Podcast: The East Side Gallery Protest

The East Side Gallery Protest Podcast summary: In 1987, Ronald Reagan stood in front of the Brandenburg Gate and demanded that the Berlin Wall be torn down. Twenty-three years later, Berliners demanded that… Continue reading

Kiez Exploration #5: Wedding

To be perfectly honest, I’ve had a pretty low opinion of Wedding for a really long time. I was there for the first time about four years ago when I went to visit… Continue reading

Some more favourite podcasts

The time has come to do another round-up of some podcasts that we’ve stumbled upon along the way and have totally fallen in love with. This, ladies and gentlemen, is a good one.… Continue reading

Mini Mädel: The Tatort Phenomenon

Mini Mädel: The Tatort Phenomenon Mini Podcast Summary: Germany’s favourite “whodunnit” TV show Tatort (crime scene) has had viewers hooked for over 30 years. Every Sunday evening at 8:15 pm, Germans and foreigners… Continue reading

Dutch Berlin for Berlin Stories for NPR

Podcast: Podcast Summary: We are excited to announce our first podcast made in collaboration with Berlin Stories for NPR. Thanks so much to Berlin Stories founders, Anna Winger and Gisela Williams. In this… Continue reading

Mini Mädel: The Rixdorf Christmas Market

Mini Mädel: The Rixdorf Christmas Market Mini podcast summary: Darkness and cold has descended upon Berlin. The city is blanketed in snow and fairy lights adorn the trees. Yes, it’s winter again. But… Continue reading

Mini Mädel: Chess Boxing – The sport of Kings and Queens

Mini Mädel: Chess Boxing – the sport of Kings and Queens Mini Podcast Summary: On a rainy summer evening in Berlin, crowds gathered outside the Platoon Kunsthalle in Prenzlauerberg to find out who… Continue reading